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Submit your weekly steps for the Go! Fitness Challenge to be eligible for prizes!

Yes, you can join the challenge anytime. The last week of the Challenge is November 28 through Dec 4, 2022. 

Fill out the Google Form by clicking this link https://bit.ly/go-fit-teams

Yes, you still need to fill out the Google Form by clicking this link https://bit.ly/go-fit-teams

Yes, make sure your Google Form is up-to-date, by submitting a new one when if you change https://bit.ly/go-fit-teams

Visit gogarrettcounty.com, scroll down a tiny bit and click on the button that says GET STARTED! Located in the cover photo in front of the sneakers pictured on people. 

Don’t panic! Try again later, and if you still can’t get in, email [email protected] for tech support during normal business hours.

Visit https://gcinmotion.garrettcountyapps.com/ and scroll down to the button that says submit your steps.

We want this challenge to be as accessible as possible! If you are unable to participate by stepping, feel free to convert your minutes of physical activity to steps at the rate of 1 second of exercise to 1 step. For example, 60 seconds of exercise is equal to 60 steps in this challenge. You can lift, roll, do guided exercise, or any other activities. Being active is all that’s important! If we can make this challenge even more accessible, please reach out to [email protected]. We’d love to connect with you, and learn how we can improve our programs! 🙂

No. Weekly challenges run from Monday to Sunday night.  Submit your steps for the week on Monday. We will keep the form open until Wednesday in case you forget.

No, any fitness tracker will work.

However, the challenge is based off of the Workweek Hustle in the Fitbit app.  It sends motivating messages and helps to remind you to keep moving!  It’s also a fun way to compete on a team.

Each week, every person on the team with the most steps will win 100 Prize Points for the Prize Shop, and get access to redeem their Prize Points for the EXCLUSIVE prizes, just for Challenge participants. 

Explore the gogarrettcounty.com website by logging in every day. Reading previous blogs, watching videos, commenting, and taking the surveys help you earn points.  PRO TIP: Make sure you’re logged into your account (you should see your name in the top right hand corner)

Many people joined Go! Garrett County when it began in 2020, and have been participating for several years.

Visit gogarrettcounty.com, across the top you’ll see PRIZE SHOP. Click there and start shopping!

Prize pick-up times are listed at the top of the screen when you visit the Prize Shop. It’s usually once a month, on a Thursday at the Garrett County Health Department. An email will be sent to you regarding specific pick-up times.

NOTE: The last prize pick-up of the year will be December 8, 2022. 

You can have someone else pick-up your prize during prize pick-up days, but they will need to sign as a recipient. Email [email protected] if this is the case prior to the next prize pick-up day.

You meet Shelley that Thursday at the Health Department to sign a few forms and get your photo taken for social media!

Awww snap! You probably missed the deadline, we reached our limit before your application was submitted, or you did not pick up your Fitbit at one of the several times offered.  Depending on demand we may offer the chance for a free Fitbit again, so stay informed by reading gogarrettcounty.com blogs. 

Not your tax dollars!  Competitive grant funding has been awarded to the Population Health, Innovation, & Informatics unit within the Garrett County Health Department. This grant is led by Shelley Argabrite, MA – Health Strategist & Director of the Population Health, Innovation, and Informatics Unit, and John Corbin – Informatics Administrator for the Garrett County Health Department.

FREE Maryland State Park Passes

FREE CARC Gift Cards to Use for Passes, Day Access, Etc…

FREE 30-Day Passes to Wildwood

Community Funding for Accessibility Improvements in GC Towns

A FREE Community Fitbit-Based Challenge Is Now Underway!

Apply for Mini-Grants Related to Physical Activity

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